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Black Pebble leather Warwick Tote handbag and Patrice Morgan
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Exclusive Interview With The House

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Top 10 Questions Session With Bermuda Born by The House 

The House is a great collaborative space which is filled with creatives, entrepreneurs and business professional.  Being based in Bermuda, Patrice from Bermuda born spends a lot of her time running her business from The House and getting involved in the wider business community.

Oliver Tucker of The House took the opportunity to interview Bermuda Born in a top 10 question quick fire round giving insight to Patrice and the brand.  

Tell us a little bit about your background and what lead you to start your own line of bags and accessories.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I have always been passionate about design. When I graduated from university in Atlanta GA, I didn’t have the opportunity to work in the fashion field which was my original intent. Instead, I came back to Bermuda and started a lifestyle magazine which featured various fashion photo shoots.

Twelve years later, I set out to get back into the fashion industry and earned a degree in Product Design for Accessories from the London College of Fashion. It was there that I fell in love with working with leather as a material and I gained an appreciation for constructing unique leather products.

Tell us a little bit about the ethos of the brand and what makes it unique.

Bermuda Born is Bermuda’s only luxury affordable handbag brand and is heavily influenced by today’s modern traveller. At the heart of what Bermuda Born stands for is quality and timeless appeal. We want our customers to cherish our products and to pass them from one generation to another.

Black Pebble Leather Warwick Tote Handbag

Bermuda Born, by Patrice Morgan

You’re very inspired by Bermuda and your experience here. What particular aspects of the island inspire you most and why?

The Bermuda Born brand is designed with the Bermudian culture in mind. My island inspires me.  The two cultures of America and the UK cross our paths here and everything about this little place influences my thought process as I begin to design. It’s hard to describe how, but it could be the many vibrant colours that surround me on a daily basis (the ocean, the colours of our houses, the landscapes, etc).

I also like to people watch, observing the way Bermudians dress which is very unique with their western, Caribbean and European flavours.

What does your creative and design process look like?

It starts off with choosing a theme for the line, choosing colours that work well together, creating mood boards, looking at materials, sourcing materials, looking at costs, communicating with various factories, costing out each design, adding designs and cutting those that are over budget.

There are many processes. Basically, there are days of organized design chaos on my floors, desks and in my head. It’s a very mental and visual process.

The pace of the fashion industry is something that has come under scrutiny and criticism in the past. Your leather handbags have a timeless focus and quality to them. How do you continue to create a relevant product, whilst also working at a pace that suits an independent brand?

I don’t get caught up in the fast fashion movement.  As a designer, I have to stick to my core design values. From that, I examine what I want my customer to look like and I design with them in mind. I design for customers who have similar values to mine. It’s important to stay authentic and those who appreciate what I do will be supportive and be there for the long haul.

What are some of the opportunities and challenges to creating a leather accessories line here locally?

Access to resources! Working with leather, metal components, factories, this is something that is difficult to do.  I have to do most of my sourcing via the internet and have many samples shipped here which takes time and money. I would say that shipping is a major issue because it can get quite expensive importing and exporting on a regular basis.

Another challenge is access to support. Bermuda does not have a ‘fashion industry’ so things like intellectual capital is limited, access to funding/incubators do not exist and the ability to collaborate or work together in a collective environment is not available.

If you want to work in design in Bermuda you basically bootstrap and self-fund unless you have private means or the support of family. I can go on and on about challenges but I’d rather think about what does work rather than what does not.

Ladies black pebble leather warwick tote bag and Patrice Morgan


Luxury affordable black leather tote handbag, Bermuda born


What are some of the ways you have found successful in the marketing of your product?

Social media, particularly Instagram! Spending time learning about it and using it as often as possible. I would also think that getting exposure via magazines, newspapers and on the radio has been helpful. I will continue to host events so that potential customers can see and test the products.

What one piece of advice would you offer other Bermudian entrepreneurs keen to start a fashion brand?

If possible, work in the fashion industry outside of Bermuda, there’s nothing better than to work and learn the ins and outs on another brand’s dime. If you can’t do that, I would say to just start here… there’s nothing like first-hand experience, you can work for a seamstress or someone who is already involved but the experience is key.

I also believe in continuing education; one short course can help to move a brand one notch higher in the competitive fashion world. Knowledge is really key. In my spare time, I listen to podcasts which helps me to stay in tune with what’s happening globally.

What are your plans for Bermuda Born in the future?

International exposure, I would love for influencers and bloggers to post about my brand online and also to see the brand being sold in department stores and indie boutiques outside of Bermuda.

Where will we be seeing Bermuda Born in 2019?

Hopefully, in more magazines and media outlets. We will still be growing our line inside of Duty-Free Shopping at the Bermuda International Airport. We also plan to host more events in Bermuda and outside of Bermuda, so I would encourage people to visit our website and sign up to our mailing list so they can keep up with what’s happening.


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