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The Beaches Behind The Names Of Our Bags

The Beaches Behind The Names Of Our Bags


Horseshoe Bay, Southampton Parish And More...

At Bermuda Born, we take inspiration from the natural beauty and stunning landscapes of the place we call home, Bermuda. Our bags are more than just a practical accessory for your outfits; they showcase our island's heritage and the well-loved coastal areas. 


Horseshoe Bay

As one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda (and the world) with its crystal clear waters, extravagant limestone cliffs and soft pink sands, the renowned Horseshoe Bay is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling and seeking the ultimate paradise experience. One of the most impressive features of Horseshoe Bay is the breathtaking scenery paired with the clear blue sky, the hidden rock formations, tidal pools, and coves along the shore. The Horseshoe Bay crossbody bag celebrates the pink hues, vibrant ocean and elegance so you can carry a piece of Bermuda with you everywhere you go.


Southampton Parish

What makes Southampton Parish unique is that it has beautiful panoramic views, especially from The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, which is not to be missed. Visitors can walk up the many steps inside the lighthouse to see gorgeous landscapes spanning several parishes. Located on the western side of the island and the inspiration behind our Mini Southampton Purse, this location entices visitors as an enchanting coastal destination with a collection of outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing and snorkelling. Whether you stroll along the vibrant streets or unwind, taking in the breathtaking views, Southampton Parish captures Bermuda’s idyllic charm.


Darrell's Island

Tucked away in the Great Sound, Darrell's Island is a hidden gem in Bermuda. Although it is no longer accessible to the public, it has a notable history as it once house Bermuda’s first airport. . Our Darrell's Island passport holders can add a pop of blue to your travels inspired by these inviting oceans. The island offers serene trails from the beach for leisurely strolls surrounded by nature and towering palm trees. Darrell's island is also loved amongst locals for its warm hospitality, with friendly smiles and inviting open arms for its visitors. 


Tobacco Bay

Our Tobacco Bay clutch bag was created as a symbol of the outstanding environment and socialisation that this area of Bermuda has to offer. Named after the tobacco leaves once prepared on its shores, this beach provides delicate pink sands, breathtaking views and inviting turquoise waters that glisten in the Caribbean sun. Tobacco Bay isn't just a beautiful spot to enjoy; it also comes with a wealth of history, including its significant role in the 17th and 18th centuries, providing a spot for sailors and privateers seeking refuge from storms and pirates. As well as being a fantastic spot for relaxation, this serene place is a vibrant hub of live music performances, cultural events, beach games, including volleyball and water activities like paddle boarding. 


Collector's Hill

The incentive behind our Collectors Hill Bag and perched on the eastern side of Bermuda is the captivating destination that invites both locals and visitors to enjoy its shopping opportunities and fascinating history. The charming hillside community offers a look at the well-preserved colonial architecture and landmarks from the past. A great place to visit is the historic Vermont House located in Smith's Parish just off Collector's Hill, now operated by the Bermuda National Trust. Thomas Smith, The Collector of Customs, resided in this picturesque estate which also offers relics of Bermuda's past and beautiful landscaped gardens. From this location you can soak in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Sandys Parish

Located in the western end of the beautiful islands of Bermuda is Sandy's Parish, a picturesque area with rich history and known for its natural beauty. While many are attracted to Bermuda for its pink-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Sandy's Parish offers a different experience that can sometimes go unnoticed. This is an ideal location for history lovers to stop by as there are plenty of things to explore and educate yourself on, including the National Museum of Bermuda and one of the standout landmarks, the Royal Naval Dockyard. For nature enthusiasts, Sandy's Parish offers the Somerset Long Bay beach with pleasing atmospheres and the well-loved turquoise waters, and you can find the Hog Bay Park complete with hiking trails , perfect for those looking to explore and partake in an adventure. No visit would be complete without a picnic at Daniel's Head Park to soak in the sunset. Our Bermuda Born, Sandy's Clutch, is inspired by Sandy's Parish which has unforgettable picturesque scenes.


Paget Parish

On the main island lies Paget Parish (the inspiration behind the Bermuda Born Paget bag) known for its, historical charm andexquisite beaches, making it a must-visit location in Bermuda. It is home to some of the most serene gardens, including the 36-acre Bermuda Bootanical Gardens filled with blooms, flora and ponds, the perfect spot for a stroll in the sun and visit their ever-popular neighbouring art gallery called Masterworks Museum

In conclusion, our collection of statement bags and accessories represents the vibrancy and tranquillity that you find in Bermuda.

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